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Game-Changing Leadership

Zanda Zonke (Pty) Ltd is a leadership development and professional skills training and development company laser focused on inspiring entrepreneurs, working professionals, corporate executives and government leaders to shift their mindset from focusing on the now to gazing into the future; create learning organisations and legacy through their leadership.

Stha speaks, trains and consults on transformational game-changing leadership, the power of authenticity, self-love, empowering women and creating leaders that leave a legacy. She has worked with top entrepreneurs, ambassadors, international speakers, global coaches, CEOs, directors of companies and other decision makers.

Her leadership development programs seek to assist even more entrepreneurs, working professionals and senior executives (across various industries) have breakthrough results through applying meaningful leadership principles. Emotional Intelligence is the foundation of her work and as a leader who ‘leads with love’ she enjoys sharing her experience in leadership. She equips leaders with the necessary skills to be able to ‘lead with love’ and leave a legacy.

On the other hand, she also inspires other people to realize their true potential and understand the power of leading from where they are. To Stha, this is the most valuable and powerful form of leadership. Her content is customised to suit your needs as the client and the learning objectives of your specific group.


A Company Founded to Inspire

And empower Women

Authentic, impactful leadership. This is the kind of leadership where a woman doesn’t need to take on masculine traits in order to be taken seriously or to make a real difference. Her superpower is her realizing she is enough and showing up as her real self as the leader she is called to be.

At Zanda Zonke (Pty) Ltd we’re passionate about developing women currently in leadership and developing those aspiring to take up top positions of leadership one day too.

Zanda Zonke (Pty) Ltd incorporates various aspects of leadership development other companies do not offer. The company addresses self-esteem, self-love and assists leaders with walking down the authenticity path. Each female leader has her own unique fingerprint and there is power in using it. The company has tailor-made leadership training for women in which it teaches female leaders how to be confident enough to lead entire organisations and create a long-lasting company culture that lives on even after their reign.

We believe in the importance of every company and organisation investing in the leadership development of women.

Transformational Game-Changing Leadership:

Join our 2-day Transformational Game-Changing Leadership Course tailor-made for women. For more information and price details, email

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In the digital world we live in, written words have become extremely powerful. This could mean the difference between you landing a sale or having people scroll past your promotional content after reading the first few words. The Copywriting Content Queen specializes in taking clients on a journey and has a track record of closing deals. Copywriting is vital. Don’t leave your written words to chance. Email:

Content Writing

Writing is a love language.

Communicating a message with purpose and power, building trust and loyalty as well as acquiring raving fans is what Stha Mavundla has successfully achieved in less than 6 months of making her return to social media. She has had over 15 LinkedIn posts trend under various hashtags of leadership, women empowerment, inspiration and gratitude. She has built a strong following consisting of thousands of people from different parts of the world who reach out to her constantly to express their appreciation for her work.

She is now making her services of content writing available to those who want to build trust, loyalty and a strong social media presence. Email:

Personal Branding Services

It’s true: people are much more likely to purchase a product or service with a trustworthy face behind it. How do you build that trust? You build your own personal brand.

Stha Mavundla has organically done this through her own brand on social media. She has now taken the time to study how and why she has been so successful in this and she is now assisting individuals in setting up a solid, powerful social media presence with a great and memorable social media presence.

To book your professional personal branding consultation call, email