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  • Her passion for self-love has resulted in her being called an AFROlutionary, which is a visionary with an afro.
  • Her natural hair inspires many women of colour in corporate to do the same. One of her natural hair posts on Twitter went viral after being viewed over a million times in a space of less than 72 hours with more than 22000 likes, 3500 retweets and almost 1000 comments

Many women have since been following her social media pages and reaching out to her. She seeks to inspire and empower women to lead their own lives authentically and powerfully by being themselves and going after their dreams.

Who Is Stha?

Sthabile Mavundla

Stha Mavundla, the young, vibrant, and dynamic South African game-changer is a Biological Scientist, Certified Life Coach and an international speaker. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Zanda Zonke (Pty) Ltd- a management consulting firm which focuses on transformational game-changing leadership tailor-made for women.

She believes in the power of equipping leaders with the necessary skills and tools to provide visionary and emphatic leadership within the workplace to create an environment conducive for growth. Emotional Intelligence is the under-pinning component of her entire message on effective leadership. She believes that the growth of the people that work within an organisation is directly proportional to the growth of the organisation.

As a Certified Life Coach, Stha believes that Emotional Intelligence (EI) describes a leader’s ability, capacity, and skill to identify, assess and manage one’s emotions, of others and of other groups or teams (Daniel Goleman). The five critical elements of EI are Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills are imparted to leaders during transformative training.

Stha understands that certain leaders reach a conundrum of not knowing how to balance the two: leading with love whilst maintaining the respect of their employees. Ms Mavundla’s experience of over 10 years in this form of leadership has resulted in her finding balance between the two. She delights in empowering those who wish to become transformational game-changing leaders too.
Stha’s message on the power of authenticity and self-love in leadership is a message of hope and change. The only thing true and certain for your organisation is the fact that change is inevitable. Once an individual becomes comfortable with who they truly are and love what they offer the world- they become a powerful force to be reckoned with. Why? That person has become uneasy to throw off. They become someone truly grounded in who they are. NO circumstance, trial or tribulation will cause them to buckle under pressure and compromise their identity.
Stha believes in the power of providing practical steps so that’s exactly what she does. She is a goal-oriented, results-driven woman who strives to walk away from each engagement knowing that her words have shifted something in the other person.

Stha spends her days engaging with and learning from successful entrepreneurs and leaders of today. She enjoys consuming personal development content which she applies in her own life. She uses the skills she acquires to better herself and to be able to be a better leader, coach, companion, daughter, sister and friend.

Her love for personal development started at the tender age of 11 years old when she came across a body language book which she soon became obsessed with. She would share what she learnt with her classmates and friends and her love for imparting her knowledge to others has only accelerated.


Thanks to Stha’s multidisciplinary and international background, she provides a global view on leadership and what it really means to be a transformational game-changing leader in today’s society by unleashing your true potential in being authentically yourself.

"Listen ...

Don't confuse mediocrity with humility

...they're NOT the same thing!"

~ Stha Mavundla